Cost Effective Car Body Repairs

When you hear the term car body repair you don’t automatically think cheap or cost effective service. Car body repairs have always been notorious with high cost fixes that are over inflated and too time consuming to implement. This is now not the case, times have changed since those dark days of having only a body shop to rely on, for now there is a mobile service that brings an all together new look to the body repair service sector.

This new mobile service was born out of the inadequerces of the body shop service. Customers were not happy with the inflexibility of the static site. The fact that you had to leave your car with them for long periods of time and having to find an alternative means of transportation proved to be too much especially for light collision damage that just didn’t warrant this degree of attention or the extortionate prices charged. So spurned the mobile car body repair service.

This mobile service took a new approach to repairing customers cars, for starters it concentrated on the more popular types of damage that occur on a regular basis, such as bumper scratches, seat burn repairs, panel scratches, stone chips and damaged alloys. Then devised a method for their repair that can be delivered by a mobile system that was completely free and unique compared to a body shop. The result was called a SMART REPAIR system, (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) it was able to be installed into the back of a light goods vehicle and had the ability to be mobile, therefore could come to you in order to repair the damage. The cost were amazingly reduced up to 70% in some cases cheaper than its static site equivalent.

This new service was an instant hit with the trade, they now had the ability to have their stock cars fixed on site and with such quick turn around on the repairs meant that the cars were only off the showrooms for a matter of hours and not days. Over the last few years its popularity with the public has steadily increased and now is the dominant repair service of choice for both the trade and public for light collision damage.

Mobile Body Work Repair Harlow

This customer had caught his car on a wall while trying to reverse into a tight spot. As you can see from the photo below the rear wing on the car has been scuffed as well as dented along the panel. The customer called our mobile body work repair service for a quote, which he got within 24 hours. He was more than willing for us to carry out the repair especially as we were the cheapest by far at £150 inclusive of VAT

Body work Repair Harlow Body work damage Harlow

The dent had to be knocked out before we could start with any of the paint work. Once we had the dent removed the painting was next, in total the repair took two and a half hours from start to finish. The customer could not believe how well the repair came out.

Seat Burn Repair in Hertfordshire

This damage on the rear passenger seat was caused by a dropped cigarette that was still burning when it hit the fabric. As you can see from the photo below the burn is quite deep and in a tricky position to repair.

Seat Burn Hertfordshire

This customer contacted via email with photos for a quote, he lived in an isolated area with no access to electric. Our mobile seat burn repair service does not need and electric source to fix seat burns so a date and time was booked for the repair.

Seat Burn Repair Hertfordshire

The interior car damage was fixed in just over 20 minutes at a cost of £45. The customer was very pleased with the result.

If you require any form of seat burn damage fixed then contact us by phone 0800 0778832 or email  for more info.

While The Weather is Good

Over the past few months the weather has been absolutely dreadful, its snowed for what seems forever and when that stopped the rain and wind followed. But over the past few days it’s improved dramatically for the better with temperatures in the high teens and early twenty’s. No one knows how long this relative calm weather will be here for so take advantage and have the scratches and scuffs that have been plaguing you all winter repaired while it’s dry.

We still can fix car body work in the rain but its only when your car is dry that you see the full extent of damage that had previously been obscured by the wintery weather, also you will want to spend more time out in the dry so you will pick up on more imperfections that you might have on your paint work.

Having theses slight knocks repaired keeps the vehicle in showroom condition and stops them from progressively getting worse. Not only will the car look better but will make it easier to sell when the time comes.

So while its good out there check your car over and if it’s got damage on it then give us a call on 0800 0778832 or email us on for a free no obligation quote.

Car Body Work Repair

It’s the second most expensive thing you will probably own and vital to everyday travel, it’s of course the humble car. Whether you use it for work or just pondering around, the automobile is essential in today’s environment. With so much money spent on cars it’s important to keep the Appearances looking like showroom condition for when it comes to selling the vehicle this will generate a better price, if it’s in poor shape the price you will get for the car will reflect this.

Keeping a cars body work in good condition can be a daughting task for knocks and scratches can occur anywhere at any time. You can be parked in an isolated space yet someone will still feel the need to park so close that trying to open their car door without coming into contact with your body work is impossible.

Having scratches and scuffs fixed on your bodywork can be an expensive experience. Body shops can charge a small fortune for small localized repairs, and if there are multiple scuffs on your vehicle then the cost can be extortionate.

There is an alternative to body shop repairs, the mobile car body repair service. The mobile body work repair service have the ability to fix small localized damage such as scuffs scratches and scrapes at greatly reduced costs compared to the body shop. They achieve this by only repairing the damaged area and not spraying the whole part. Not only will this service save you money but they also save you time for they come to you to fix the body work damage, all repairs can be carried out within a day so you will not be without your car for long periods at a time.